A one hour intuitively guided session that brings clarity, releases confusion, stops you from feeling overwhelmed & brings fresh perspectives to your life.  You will also receive a recording of your session.  Available via Skype, & Zoom.

$130.00 including recording



A two hour Akashic Record Reading that brings in-depth understanding at Soul level.  You will receive a recording of the session, intensive notes that support your session and a powerful, personalised, clearing process to clear your blocks.

$295.00 including recording, notes, personal clearing process & follow up call


On-going monthly support for your journey ahead.  Each one hour session can include, guidance, healing, clearing blocks, & deep Soul integration.  You will receive ‘homework’, a recording of the session & focus points to work on for the next four weeks, to keep you moving forwards more quickly.

$150.00 per session, including recording, focus action points and unlimited email support

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I wanted to reach out and thank you for your daily emails.  I enjoy reading them every morning and you are spot on with what’s going on in my life!
You are truly gifted and thank you for sharing your talents and light.  I look forward to you touching my life every day in 2020.

Amanda G - Sydney


THANK YOU FIONA! You have no idea how much I needed to hear this today.

I guess it may seem like a thankless task sometimes but people like me read your Daily Soul Vibe every day and gain direction and strength from your words.

Bless you. Thank you 🙏

Josephine M


FEELING this today! Thank you Fi ❤️


Lucy M - Sydney


I just wanted to say that these daily messages are incredibly accurate for me, and each day the messages seem to reflect exactly what’s going on. I often read them well after my day has started so my energy/influence is already set in for the day, so it’s not like the messages influence my mood. Rather they seem to articulate it perfectly.

Beautiful, helpful, accurate messages that truly are nourishing and are helping me on this journey.

Vanessa B



 "Fiona offers so much through her work!  She brings her knowledge, skills, humour, life experience & intuitive expertise to everything she offers.  She delivers information & insight in a clear, concise, accessible way.  The space she creates is safe & loving - a place where you can express yourself freely and openly"


Karen Willey - Pilates Instructor


​"Over the past few years I have tried many different healing methods, however I believe the Soul Awakening session I had with Fiona, has been the most profound healing modality I have ever done. Fiona was so spot on with what she picked up on and the changes since the session have been far and beyond. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to change their life in anyway".

Justine Whitfield - Intuitive Healer



"Fiona  is a gifted psychic. She has a strong connection with her guides and has the ability to pass on information in a warm and positive manner. The messages and guidance which Fiona has readily passed on to me have not only assisted me in making positive life changes but finding peace within myself. Her accuracy and skills are undeniable and I would recommend her without question" 

Amberley Westall - Intuitive Counsellor



"Fiona is a wonderful mentor and a very special person. She is highly skilled, compassionate, open-minded, insightful and lots of fun to work with. I'm especially drawn to Fiona's down to earth style and practical way of approaching spiritual growth. I've found our sessions very helpful in shifting blocks and filling in some of the gaps in my own development.

Laura Woodley - Tarot Reader