Join Fiona and Deni, co-creators of The Otherworld Podcast, to learn about the energies supporting you each week through Intuition, Astrology, the Akashic Records and Numerology.   



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Weekly Intuitive & Astrology Energy Forecast of August 23 to 29

Join us for a look at the energies for the week ahead and how to support yourself through the new powerful waves of feminine consciousness that is helping us to heal timelines, ancestral woundings and rebalance our masculine and feminine energies in a more powerful way.

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Weekly Intuitive & Astrology Forecast of August 16 to 22

Join us for this weeks podcast as we take a look at the energies of the week ahead.  Big questions arise this week around how you are currently showing up in the world, and what you are here to do.  Venus is influencing relationships and so this may guide you into focusing on what you personally bring into your relationships with others, particularly in respect to your shadow aspects of Self.

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Weekly Intuitive & Astrology Forecast of August 9 to 15

Join us for a look at the week ahead as we transition through energies that are fast paced, chaotic and unpredictable which can cause you to feel uncomfortable or even bring up fear.  However, these energies can also assist you to push through resistance and clear blocks in a really powerful way. There is a focus on deeper connection with loved ones and support to express yourself more deeply in these relationships.

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Melissa Turnock

Truth series – a conversation with Melissa Turnock

Join us in this podcast as we dive into a conversation with Melissa Turnock on what is rising within her at the moment, as her three most powerful truths.  We are inspired to open the space of this podcast to hearing and supporting the truths of our listeners.  In a time when everyone is being guided to step into their own truth more consciously, we are also being asked to honour and hold space for the truth of others.

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Truth series – a conversation with Karen Samsom

In the second of our Truth conversation podcasts we are joined in conversation with Karen Sansom to discuss the three most powerful truths that are rising for her at this time.

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