A Soul Guidance session will bring support and clarity to release confusion, stop you feeling overwhelmed and show you a fresh perspective that allows you to make new choices for yourself.

You will receive channelled guidance from your HIgher Self, the most powerful and loving guidance you can receive.

These sessions are designed to support you to make the choices for yourself, that will create the most positive and aligned experience possible.  Soul Guidance does not tell you what to do, but informs you of the different paths available to you, so that you can choose your own way forwards.

Intuitive Guidance allows you to feel empowered in your own ability to make conscious positive choices for yourself.

Fiona is absolutely wonderful to work with she has a very unique gift for not only having empathy for your situation, but also being able to tap into her strong intuition to receive the information you need for your own healing.


Fiona is well known & respected in her community.  Her gentle wisdom & intuitive knowing provide guidance and insight for many people.  Her intuitive abilities enhance all of her healing sessions & I have personally benefitted enormously from my sessions with her.


Fiona is a gifted intuitive, she has the ability to pass on information in a warm and positive manner.  The messages and guidance I have received, have not only assisted me in making positive life changes, but finding peace within myself.


I have been fortunate enough to work with Fiona and her intuitive guidance on many occasions, when aspects of my life have been worrying or concerning me.  I have always found comfort Z& direction in the wisdom of her readings.


A 60 Minute Session

During this hour long session you will receive clear, channelled guidance to answer all of your questions

Quick, Flexible & Transformative

Whether your session is via Zoom, Skype or in person, Fiona provides a relaxed & informal environment in which you will feel safe and supported to ask any questions you may have

Recorded Information

The session is recorded for you, and sent to you afterwards, as there is usually a lot of information to take on board and you may not remember it all afterwards


Investment for this session is $150 including the recording which is sent to you via Dropbox

These readings are designed to bring absolute clarity and understanding so that you can make discerning choices and move forwards in a really positive way

To book a session please contact Fiona at fiona@fionaweatherhead.com