All Soul Awakening Practitioners on this page are qualified through the Soul Awakening Programme, to bring these sessions to you.  Each Practitioner brings their own unique gifts and attributes to their readings in order to help you step further into alignment with your Soul’s highest path and purpose.  You can contact a Practitioner through their details below.


Hi! I’m Floriana, a curious, enthusiastic and passionate Soul in love with life and people! I love to show others the value of authentic self-expression through unconditional love & inspire and motivate them to create a better and more meaningful life.  I am passionate about helping you to rebirth through deep self-transformation, & embrace your true potential.

I speak many different languages and would be honoured to offer you the following services in Italian, English, French or Spanish.

  • Soul Awakening Akashic session
  • Soul Profile Reading
  • Reiki Healing
  • Crystal Healing
  • Oracle Reading

For further information please contact me directly to my email:

Floriana tiptoed into my Soul and gave me a new life!


This reading was one of the best experiences of my life!


My Soul can finally make peace with my fears and my doubts


So much makes sense now & I feel so much lighter



Hi! I’m Jo. I am passionate about helping people to develop their own sense of Self and connect with their Soul. I have been working as a psychotherapist for over twenty years healing trauma and developmental issues. I work with repeating patterns that are holding people back in their lives and relationships. Soul Awakening allows me to work at a spiritual level to help address these patterns at their root cause making changes in daily life much quicker and easier. Aligning to your true Soul Self supports deep transformation on all levels. I offer:
* Soul Awakening reading – This is a reading of your Akashic records which will present your Soul profile: your Soul gifts, the challenges that come with these gifts, your Soul purpose and Soul wounding as well as identifying blocks to your intentions for the session.
* Integrating Self and Soul – Coaching sessions personally tailored, to help you develop your sense of Self and Soul and align with the divine. This approach is an integration of: 
– psychodynamic psychotherapy to understand personality structure, attachment styles and relationship dynamics,  – Somatic Experiencing® to work with the body, regulate the nervous system and address trauma
– Akashic Record reading
Contact Jo
T: 0414 407 989

I loved my session and I feel really content and accepting of myself now


I can really see who I am now, and I really appreciated the notes that accompanied the reading



Hello! I am overjoyed to be able to offer Soul Awakening sessions. I’ve always been fascinated with film and storytelling. I am honoured to be able to assist client’s in unravelling and discovering their own story through the healing of past life blocks and integrating their Soul gifts. I love connecting with people and I find it to be deeply transforming – connection with others, connection with one’s true nature and connection with all that is. Through this work I assist clients with their own evolution by releasing blocks to experience growth and feeling truly empowered by their authentic selves, allowing them to realise their limitless potential, freedom and peace. Self discovery can touch the deepest, most vulnerable and raw parts of ourselves, unlocking the most excitement, FUN and liberation I ever thought imaginable.
I’d love to connect with you, if you would like to book a session please contact me:

I was blown away by this reading.  I finally felt ‘seen’, it was quite emotional


Easy to understand & I can acknowledge my blocks & where they originated


This reading & how it was delivered has  allowed me to make big changes


Clear, succinct (which I love), non-judgemental and practical reading. A joyful experience



I am an Empowerment Coach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches who uses Astrology, Tarot, Coaching practices and the Akashic Records to assist you in uncovering your true strengths, gifts and challenges.  I offer a heart centred, holistic coaching service to support women and teens through their own personal challenges and help guide them to find their true path.
I offer counselling, empowerment coaching and workshops for connection, talk therapy and self-care for women and teenagers aged 12-21, alongside my Soul Awakening practice.  Focusing on both practical & theoretical strategies & tools to assist with mental health issues, spiritual connection & physical well-being.
Contact Anna
T: 0413 699 105

Anna really bought things to the forefront of my understanding of myself.  Things that I had felt, but could never articulate before


Anna’s intuition is spot on!  I love Anna’s energy and in the short time since knowing her I have learnt so much about myself



Welcome. I am delighted to be able to offer you an insight into your soul to assist with helping clear blocks that inhibit you from living the life you deserve. I have a strong belief that we are a soul in a physical body and have incarnated on planet earth to learn and grow. With this in mind, it makes sense to uncover your own experiences that have made you who you are right now. I have worked in the field of people behaviour for the past 30 years and 20 years ago I became interested in soul growth. I started working with Fiona in 2018 and am interested in helping others reach their full potential. I’m a widow with two children and two beautiful grandchildren and my mission is to make this life a better place for all by helping people to help themselves. Peace by piece.
I am based in New Zealand, and if you would like to book a session, please contact me:
Tel No:+64 27 2845966

Pam was brilliant, calm, clear and delivered so beautifully & was spot on


Pam was very clear in all her communication & was very authentic & sensitive


Amazing how lifetimes repeated & now know why relationships have ended


Pamela was easy to work with & I found her really easy to listen to and understand



Hello I’m Mariana, a naturopath & holistic counsellor who loves helping people to heal through their journey of self knowledge and reconnection to their essence and purpose.

I believe it is essential that we know, understand, accept and love who we are in order to fulfil our deepest dreams and highest potential, and I am here to guide humanity through this process.

The Soul Awakening work was such a life changing event in my life where I learnt more about my qualities and strengths, understood and accepted my biggest challenges and became aware of and cleared energetic blocks in my heart chakra which had been created many lifetimes ago and was disconnecting me from my purpose.  Wow! My life was never the same and this is why I am super exctied and honoured that I can now offer this service and inspire positive changes in more and more people’s lives!

I’m originally from Brazil, so sessions in Portuguese are also available. 

Services I offer:

  • Soul Awakening Sessions
  • Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine Sessions
  • Holistic Counselling Sessions 

For more information please contact me directly on:

Mariana was amazing. This reading was spot on and I feel more aligned with my true Self now


I received so much from this reading with Mariana.  It is profound and grounding work


After this session I feel empowered to be myself.  I am deeply grateful to Mariana for this reading



“Hey there, I’m Lynnette, and I am the soul behind trUself, an empowering healing business that’s close to my heart. As a soul coach, I’m incredibly passionate about helping people find their true selves and guiding them on their personal healing journeys. My own experiences led me to discover the profound impact of modalities like reiki healing, shamanic journeying, and Akashic record readings. These powerful tools transformed my life, and I’ve made it my mission to share their incredible benefits with others.

In addition to my individual sessions, I facilitate transformative healing circles that offer a unique and sacred experience. These circles go beyond traditional group settings by delving into deep journey work, allowing participants to embark on profound explorations of self-discovery and healing.

Join me on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Through the immersive experience of our healing circles and individual sessions, we’ll uncover the authentic, radiant essence within you, helping you step into your true self and embrace a life of purpose and joy.”

Tel No: 0424 414 471

Powerful emotions resonated throughout this reading & Lynnette answered all my questions


Can’t recommend Lynnette enough – she absolutely changed my whole mindset – Brilliant


Lots of detail & the information Lynnette sent was great it is beneficial to read back over


Lynnette opened up a path for me that wasn’t clear, but now I know where I need to be



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