About Fiona Weatherhead


My personal journey has taught me how to create the life my Soul was craving.  This journey has taken me from darkness into light, from self-doubt into self-love and from sadness into happiness.

My desire is to share all that I have learnt, in the hope that it helps you to create the life your Soul is here to live.

My offerings and teachings are all designed to support you in creating inner alignment, self-empowerment and connection to your own intuitive intelligence.

For the last 15 years I have worked as a professional Intuitive, Intuition Development Teacher, Soul Coach, Akashic Records facilitator, Meditation practitioner and holder of space in women’s Circles.

I have walked the walk of disempowerment, anxiety, depression and insecurity.  These negative patterns kept me stuck, unhappy and unable to create the life that I so desired.

My journey through this has taught me that it is possible to turn your life around when you start to take care of your inner world.  When you dig deeper and heal your core woundings that build up the layers of fear, self-deprecation and inauthenticity.

You may be on a similar journey, and that is what has bought you here today.  What I offer here are practical, down to Earth teachings and tools for living a joyful life, based on my own experiences.

If that sounds like something you are looking for, I invite you to join me on the journey to discover self-empowerment, inner peace, clarity and Soul fulfilment.

Fiona Weatherhead Uluru


I am an Earth lover, and I love living near the beach, but I also love travelling out onto the land.


I love Owls and find that they pop into my life at significant times to bring me messages and affirm my intuitive musings


I also love Wombats & there is no mystery here, I just love them because they are fat and wobbly and cute


I am a Taurean and when people suggest that makes me stubborn, I wonder why they say that as if it is a bad thing!  I am also extremely grounded & determined to achieve whatever I put my mind too

I am extremely passionate about helping other people connect to their true inner power & intuition

I crave the deep connection that the Earth and sitting in Circle with women brings me