Australia, this beautiful country that I call home, has recently experienced devastating bushfires.  These fires have led to loss of lives, robbed people of their homes and their livelihood and massacred our wildlife.  I live in Sydney and we have been largely untouched physically by the fires, but have (along with the rest of the country) mourned the losses that have bought us to our knees.  There is no doubt that this experience will sit within our consciousness, long after it stops being news around the world.

However, lightness always follows the darkness, and so many beautiful things have come out of this terrible experience.  There has been an uprising of connection within community.  People pulling together to support and help each other, in ways they have never done before.  Many people from all around the world, have observed what is happening and have reached out to help us with firefighters, funding and sending provisions.  With the eyes of the world on Australia, attention has been drawn to our governments lack of support for the environment, and the people have risen together to demand that this changes.

It is no coincidence that we have been experiencing this at the same time as a powerful energetic activation within the Earth’s Solar Plexus Chakra, which has taken place at Uluru (Ayres Rock).  This activation and the current shift in paradigm we are experiencing, are bringing changes to the way that we work with our own personal power, and therefore, how power is used in the world.

Global consciousness is undergoing an awakening, that shifts us from patriarchal power, into heart-based power.  We are learning to work with our power in a different way, and the recent bushfires have taught us many lessons related to the misuse of power, both within ourselves and around the world.

We have learnt that there has been neglect of responsibility in positions of elected power, but that we can rise together to change this.

We have learnt that when mother nature responds to climate changes, connection, empathy, love and support within community, can heal even the most devastating of experiences.

We have learnt that sometimes we feel powerless when individually our voice does not always get heard, but collectively we are a powerful force to be reckoned with.

We are reweaving the threads of connection that have held us in separation, isolation and lack of compassion for each other.  Fire symbolises purification, regeneration, illumination, destruction and renewal.  We are now experiencing the rebirth of power.  The power of the people to make significant changes to take care of the planet we call home.  This is emerging through the reweaving of micro communities, supporting and helping each other.  Small businesses focusing less on commercialism and more on their ethics.  Landowners turning to permaculture, that allows the land to renew and heal as well as provide what we need.

Rising from the ashes is hope that we will do it differently.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  If you feel drawn to comment, please add your words below.