As an Akashic Records Facilitator, this is always the place that I go for guidance, both for myself and for clients.  As we transition through the disruption of COVID-19, I have been receiving many insights into our current situation, and have decided to share some of them in this Blog post.

As a strong believer in finding our own place of truth with the information we receive, I invite you to read this channelled message, with the willingness to seek your truth through your own intuitive intelligence.  If it resonates, I hope it helps you in some way, and if it doesn’t sit well with you, then let it go and move back into your own inner wisdom.

“The Earth is beginning the transition through the great Shift.  Whilst you may be experiencing it as COVID-19 it is so much more than this.  A shift in paradigm is no small thing, and you are being asked to change everything about your life so that the Earth can survive and continue to support you in the way that you need it to.

The old way of living is no longer sustainable.  The old way of thinking is not going to create something new and different.  The old paradigm does not work in support of the Earth.  There is no going back, there is only moving forwards.  You are being forced to take time out to reconsider your own individual place within the Collective.  To reframe, reset and realign at the I AM level, so that we can, together, move into the WE ARE.  This cannot and will not happen until you take care of your personal contribution to the global consciousness first.  

If you are in fear, then you are scared of looking within and allowing yourself to return to love – to heal your personal woundings and move out of separation and back into collective connection. You can no longer numb this out with busyness, there is nowhere to hide, you are being invited to heal.

The shift in paradigm is a shift in power.  You are being asked to look at how you work with your own personal power.  Where you may give your power away to other people; where you misuse your power when driven by EGO, or where you are hiding from stepping into your power fully.  When you heal at this deep, personal level, then we can heal at the collective level.

Your Soul has been craving this shift and you intuitively know that this change is essential to all of you that are living on the planet at this time.  Your world is changing along with the world around you.  This brand new world brings reconnection of community, deeper love, compassion and empathy for each other, living an intuitive life, healing and nurturing of the Earth, a new way of living that isn’t driven by money and power.  Isn’t this what you really want?

With that in mind, can you release the fear that the shift is bringing?  Can you step forwards with responsibility for Self first and then step into the collective from a place of love?  The choice is yours.  You can choose to move through this quickly with ease and grace, or with resistance and hardship”.


I feel there is so much value in sharing our own personal journey through this experience so that we can learn, empathise and support each other.  Even from the perspective of knowing that the shift was coming, I have been blown away by the way in which it has happened and the power it has taken to bring the world to its knees.

I know that it is hitting some of us really hard, as we experience loss of security, isolation and in some cases illness and death.  As I continue to support my family, friends, clients and the collective in the best way I can, I am also reminded daily that there is so much to be grateful for.  I am not always able to accomplish this with complete authenticity as I transition through the emotional rollercoaster of the different shifts in energy, but I am learning to allow myself the space to experience whatever is rising when it comes.

Grief, sadness and fear have all surfaced at different times and to varying different degrees over the past month.  I know that I am not alone in this emotional journey and it has been good to share it with others.  I have also experienced inner peace, happiness, joy and a new feeling of hope that is growing stronger every day.  I know that we are capable of amazing things as a collective and that when we harness this energy fully, the world can be a very different place to live.

There are now more conscious people in the world than there are unconscious people.  We have tipped the scales, and this has allowed the Great Shift to unfold.  We have all chosen to be here at this time to experience the change, and in this way we are holding the space for others to step into.

I thank you for being here, now as each and every one of us has a part to play in the brand new world that is evolving.  Please leave a comment below to share your own experiences so that everyone reading this post, can feel supported, empathise or benefit from your words.



Australia, this beautiful country that I call home, has recently experienced devastating bushfires.  These fires have led to loss of lives, robbed people of their homes and their livelihood and massacred our wildlife.  I live in Sydney and we have been largely untouched physically by the fires, but have (along with the rest of the country) mourned the losses that have bought us to our knees.  There is no doubt that this experience will sit within our consciousness, long after it stops being news around the world.

However, lightness always follows the darkness, and so many beautiful things have come out of this terrible experience.  There has been an uprising of connection within community.  People pulling together to support and help each other, in ways they have never done before.  Many people from all around the world, have observed what is happening and have reached out to help us with firefighters, funding and sending provisions.  With the eyes of the world on Australia, attention has been drawn to our governments lack of support for the environment, and the people have risen together to demand that this changes.

It is no coincidence that we have been experiencing this at the same time as a powerful energetic activation within the Earth’s Solar Plexus Chakra, which has taken place at Uluru (Ayres Rock).  This activation and the current shift in paradigm we are experiencing, are bringing changes to the way that we work with our own personal power, and therefore, how power is used in the world.

Global consciousness is undergoing an awakening, that shifts us from patriarchal power, into heart-based power.  We are learning to work with our power in a different way, and the recent bushfires have taught us many lessons related to the misuse of power, both within ourselves and around the world.

We have learnt that there has been neglect of responsibility in positions of elected power, but that we can rise together to change this.

We have learnt that when mother nature responds to climate changes, connection, empathy, love and support within community, can heal even the most devastating of experiences.

We have learnt that sometimes we feel powerless when individually our voice does not always get heard, but collectively we are a powerful force to be reckoned with.

We are reweaving the threads of connection that have held us in separation, isolation and lack of compassion for each other.  Fire symbolises purification, regeneration, illumination, destruction and renewal.  We are now experiencing the rebirth of power.  The power of the people to make significant changes to take care of the planet we call home.  This is emerging through the reweaving of micro communities, supporting and helping each other.  Small businesses focusing less on commercialism and more on their ethics.  Landowners turning to permaculture, that allows the land to renew and heal as well as provide what we need.

Rising from the ashes is hope that we will do it differently.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  If you feel drawn to comment, please add your words below.



For the last few years, I have found the transition from one year to another to take a little more time than the unrealistic, overnight everything changes approach, that is normally associated with New Years Eve.  Along with changing the way I prepare for the coming year, which has become a celebration for the sun rising as the first day dawns, I have also began to adopt a softer more gentle approach to stepping into the year ahead.

Recently I read the word ‘lacuna’ and although I didn’t know what the word meant, it resonated strongly.  On further investigation I discovered that it means a gap, an unfilled space, a cavity.  It is the space in-between before and after and I realised that this is exactly what January feels like for me.

This year, more than any others, the sense of needing space between what I was letting go and what is to come, has been so necessary.  January has felt like a void, a place of no-thing, and of everything.  So much has been surfacing for myself, for others, for the country I live in and for the planet as a whole.  This time has been necessary to allow deep integration, understanding and new perspectives to unfold.

With hindsight, I can see that January was such an important time to prepare me for what the year will bring.  Although there were times of frustration at not being able to move forwards or take action on my intentions.  There was also a need for physical rest and recuperation after a really busy year. There were some moments of feeling lost and ungrounded and questioning the path I was on, and there were also times when I was too hard on myself, because I believed I should have had all my plans in place before the new year started.

The lacuna has been the gift that has allowed me to lean into the new year with gentleness and grace.  To let go of frustration and allow it to be what it is.  To deepen my understanding that to maintain balance in my life, I need to pay attention to what my body is telling me.  To discover that even though I can perceive myself as lost, if I allow myself to sit in the lacuna in peace and acceptance, I am honouring the needs of my Soul, and to deepen my understanding that I don’t need to push or strive, I just need to allow and attract.

You may have been experiencing this too, in your own way.  I hope that you can give yourself the gifts that the lacuna may have bought you and allow them to be your foundation for the year ahead.

I would love to hear whether you have been experiencing this too, and how you have transitioned through the lacuna of January.  Drop a comment below if you feel drawn to share.