For the last few years, I have found the transition from one year to another to take a little more time than the unrealistic, overnight everything changes approach, that is normally associated with New Years Eve.  Along with changing the way I prepare for the coming year, which has become a celebration for the sun rising as the first day dawns, I have also began to adopt a softer more gentle approach to stepping into the year ahead.

Recently I read the word ‘lacuna’ and although I didn’t know what the word meant, it resonated strongly.  On further investigation I discovered that it means a gap, an unfilled space, a cavity.  It is the space in-between before and after and I realised that this is exactly what January feels like for me.

This year, more than any others, the sense of needing space between what I was letting go and what is to come, has been so necessary.  January has felt like a void, a place of no-thing, and of everything.  So much has been surfacing for myself, for others, for the country I live in and for the planet as a whole.  This time has been necessary to allow deep integration, understanding and new perspectives to unfold.

With hindsight, I can see that January was such an important time to prepare me for what the year will bring.  Although there were times of frustration at not being able to move forwards or take action on my intentions.  There was also a need for physical rest and recuperation after a really busy year. There were some moments of feeling lost and ungrounded and questioning the path I was on, and there were also times when I was too hard on myself, because I believed I should have had all my plans in place before the new year started.

The lacuna has been the gift that has allowed me to lean into the new year with gentleness and grace.  To let go of frustration and allow it to be what it is.  To deepen my understanding that to maintain balance in my life, I need to pay attention to what my body is telling me.  To discover that even though I can perceive myself as lost, if I allow myself to sit in the lacuna in peace and acceptance, I am honouring the needs of my Soul, and to deepen my understanding that I don’t need to push or strive, I just need to allow and attract.

You may have been experiencing this too, in your own way.  I hope that you can give yourself the gifts that the lacuna may have bought you and allow them to be your foundation for the year ahead.

I would love to hear whether you have been experiencing this too, and how you have transitioned through the lacuna of January.  Drop a comment below if you feel drawn to share.