Just like your own body, the Earth has it’s own Earth Chakras.  In the same way that energy flows through your own Chakra system, energy travels through the ley lines that cover the Earth, and connects to major energetic vortexes or Earth Chakras around the planet.

Ancient civilisations revered the Earth as a sacred entity and appreciated her as the Great Mother.  In honour of all that she offers, they built sacred monuments and temples in these key locations, now known as the Earth Chakras.  You can learn more about these powerful places by visiting Robert Coon’s website [HERE].

Whether you visit these sites in person, or through meditation, you are able to connect deeply with the powerful energies that are held there.  Use these amazing meditations to become a conduit for this energy, so that you are able to bring great healing, through the Earth Chakras, to your own Chakra system.

This meditation takes you on a deep healing journey that connects you to the Earth & aligns you to  your true sense of Self

Mount Shasta has been considered a sacred place since the beginning of time.  It is the home of many Ascended Masters & links to the legends of Lemuria.  It is a powerful energetic vortex centre and is the Root Chakra of the Earth.

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This powerful sacred journey creates balance between your feminine & masculine aspects through your Sacral Chakra

The Isla del Sol on Lake Titicaca is the geometrical centre for the Sacral Chakra of the Earth.  In this powerful place, the two great Ley-lines that travel the Earth, the feminine Rainbow Serpent Line & the Masculine Plumed Serpent Line cross over.

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This meditation aligns your own Solar Plexus to the new energies that are emerging in 2020

Uluru (formerly Ayres Rock) and Kata Tjuta hold the Solar Plexus of the Earth.  In 2020 a powerful activation takes place here, that helps shift us into the new emerging paradigm.  This signifies the beginning of a great awakening around how we work with our own personal power.

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This powerful journey takes you to the mysterious Isle of Avalon to open your Heart Chakra to deeper levels of love

Glastonbury is home to the Holy Grail and is steeped in history and legend.  In this sacred journey you will connect with the powerful Priestess of Avalon who will assist you to open and expand your Heart Chakra into deeper levels of self-love and acceptance.

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Deep healing and activation of your own Throat Chakra through energies of the MerKaBa & Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid of Giza is where the voice of Mother Earth emerges.  This Earth Chakra is unique in being the only manmade activation point on the earth.  This sacred journey will connect you to the geometric template of the Merkaba that is encoded within the Great Pyramid itself. The Merkaba is where the Soul resides, when it is not incarnated.

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 Journey to the Aeon Activation Centre to expand your Third Eye Chakra with the Guardians of Light

The Third Eye Chakra of the Earth is unique because it moves every time we enter a New Age or Aeon.  Currently it is located around the same area as the Earth’s Heart Chakra.  During the meditation you will experience a flow of light and energy through your body that heightens your intuition, and brings clarity, clear vision & wisdom.

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Sacred journey to Mount Kailash the home of Shiva to strengthen your connection to your Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra of the Earth is situated at the sacred Mt Kailash in Tibet.  It is the home of Lord Shiva and is believed to be the location of the mythical kingdom of Shambhala.  This journey supports connection to your true will and helps you to uncover your true purpose for being.

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