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Would you love to connect with the group of women who come together in a place of mutual love and support for each other – the Village?


Are you:

Feeling the call deep within your heart & in your womb to reconnect with other women who uphold and value the true Divine Feminine within?

Wanting to meet other women all at different stages of womanhood and Soul purpose, as equals, to learn and transform with each other?

Becoming aware that you no longer need to walk this path alone and that you can find the Village of women who will love, respect and support you?

Realising that when women come together to encourage and support one another, powerful shifts occur?

Noticing that as your feminine essence awakens, your desire to connect with women, nurture Self and be seen, heard & celebrated as YOU is deepening every day?


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Fiona is the co-creator & co-founder of MavenWoman. MavenWoman runs Retreats and Women’s Circles that bring connection at the deepest level.   This is the journey to land.  Travelling out into the outback to connect with Mother Earth.

The journey to land is a journey within.  It creates the space for you to see that you are not broken, and there is nothing to fix.  You simply need to find the stillness to BE.  To come home to Self.

The rising of Maven energy at this time is being felt by many.  A deep earthly wisdom that brings a desire to reconnect and remember our ancient ways.

For more information and details of the next Retreat, click the link below.


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Fiona also co-facilitates monthly women’s Circles in Avalon, Curl Curl and Mt Colah.  These Circles offer a beautiful space to connect with like-minded women, explore empowering processes, meditate, learn and grow with each other.

Women are naturally empowered through, love, nurturing and connection.  Sitting in Circle is a powerful place to step into alignment with your own deepest truth whilst supporting the women around you to rise with you.

These Circles offer a place of deep nurturing, acceptance and mutual respect for the journey you are on as a woman.  If you feel called to explore what sitting in Circle can offer you, contact Fiona below to reserve your seat.




hearts icon“This Retreat has been so nourishing for all aspects of my Being. Not only did I connect with the beautiful women that joined, I also connected deeply with the Stars and the Earth, thereby reminding me I am loved and worthy and supported and grounded. The places we went were all such beautiful works of art from Mother Earth, and the energy was amazing. Fiona and Deni held the place safe for us and were wonderful facilitators. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun. That joy stayed with me for a while even after I went back to my everyday life.”



hearts icon“From the moment you set out to an amazing part of Australia, to the moment you return and beyond, you are on a wonderful journey of discovery and integration of the many facets of yourself with Gaia and even with the Cosmos. Deni & Fiona have organised unique experiences for you to see, hear, feel, internalise, process, reflect upon and share with other MavenWomen who all heard and felt the call to journey to land. We may all have different reasons for going there however we all stand united to support each other with love and light.  I was inspired to write a song to capture the energies of having an open and loving heart for the land and for others.”



hearts icon“This experience allowed to surface a few things about myself that I need to sit with more, like an opening up that needs to occur.  Being with a group of like minded women on retreat was new to me and I loved it.  I knew I would.   And I really liked the Warrumbungles.  Even the name is pretty cool.  The retreat came at the right time, as of course is the way.  It has helped to prepare me for my next big leap into the unknown.  Kind of like a petal unfolding and I’m so grateful to have journeyed with Fiona & Deni”.



aperture icon“The MavenWoman retreat was exactly what I have been searching for, what my soul had been guiding me too. I came back feeling like a lightbulb had been switched on. I thought I was so lost and going insane for a long time. When in actual fact I had everything I was looking for, I had just made myself forget for such wrong reasons.  After being away with such an amazing group of women supporting and guiding me, I realised what and where the blocks came from. I feel like my whole world is starting to make sense. The clouds are starting to disappear slowly but surely.  It was like I remembered who I am and that means the world to me. Not to mention how much I learnt from every beautiful Soul that was part of the retreat. It was an honour to have been a part of the circle.”