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Mount Shasta has been considered a sacred place since the beginning of time.  It is the home of many Ascended Masters & links to the legends of Lemuria.  It is a powerful energetic vortex centre and is the Root Chakra of the Earth.  This meditation takes you on a deep healing journey that connects you to the Earth & aligns you to  your true sense of Self.

AU$4.95 – Instant Download

The Isla del Sol on Lake Titicaca is the geometrical centre for the Sacral Chakra of the Earth.  In this powerful place, the two great Ley-lines that travel the Earth, the feminine Rainbow Serpent Line & the Masculine Plumed Serpent Line cross over.  This powerful sacred journey assists you to create balance between your feminine & masculine aspects through your Sacral Chakra .


AU$4.95 – Instant Download

Uluru (formerly Ayres Rock) and Kata Tjuta hold the Solar Plexus of the Earth.  In 2020 a powerful activation takes place here, that helps shift us into the new emerging paradigm.  This signifies the beginning of a great awakening around how we work with our own personal power.  This meditation aligns your own Solar Plexus to the new energies that are emerging.


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