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Join us for a conversation with Melissa Turnock, as we discuss her journey through breast cancer and healing the Mother Wounding (MW#06)

Join us for a powerful conversation with Melissa that covers hew personal awakening journey through breast cancer & the amazing capacity for the physical body to overcome illness.  We explore the awakening of her intuitive Self, being of service to others, Tremoring (TRE), stepping into her Maven energy and how her awakening journey has affected her marriage.

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How far are you prepared to go in order to create an unshakeable sisterhood?  (MW#07)

This topic arose from a Soundcloud Recording of Pat McCabe, a Navajo grandmother and elder, talking about Indigenous Wisdom of the Feminine.  In this conversation we journey through how we can heal our wounds with other women to create change on the planet.  How the pull to sisterhood can bring up fear and mistrust, and how the presence of love can transform & heal even the stickiness and shadow.

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The Journey to Uluru & the significance of this sacred site in 2020 (MW#08)

A powerful discussion about Uluru (Ayres Rock) & how the energy has changed now that it has been closed to climbers.  We dive into our journey around the base of Uluru & the sense of the rock being alive with a heartbeat that we both felt.  We talk about the question we were both asked (in different ways) around our intention for taking women there, and we deepen the understanding of Uluru as the Solar Plexus of the Earth & the transformative energies of 2020 that focus on this major Earth Chakra.

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A beautiful conversation with Teresa Easter a traveller to sacred sites, who brings great healing to the land (MW#09)

We are joined by Teresa Easter who has travelled to many sacred sites around the world through her own awakening journey.  We explore the experiences she has had in places such as Bali, Peru, the Amazon, Egypt at 11/11/11 and Mexico on 12/12/12.  We discuss the journeys that have been influential in her own awakening experiences and how her recent travels to the South of France on a Magdalene pilgrimage, where she fulfilled a vision she had before travelling there.  We also discuss her experiences in Glastonbury, Rwanda, Tasmania and Siberia.

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A deeply vulnerable and amazing conversation with the beautiful, Lynnette Breyttenbach (MW#10)

We are joined by Lynette Breyttenbach

Lynette shares her seeking story, from being intuitive for as long as she can remember to talking to spirits when she was a toddler.  She takes us through her journey to Australia and finding the right people and courses that allowed her to rediscover the parts of herself she had buried, and how she learned that she was clairsentient.  Lynette also shares vulnerably about a pregnancy and abortion and how finally opening up to her mother about it released so much internal worry and pain.

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