Join Fiona and Deni Rayneau, co-creators of MavenWoman, to listen to heart-opening conversations around hearing the call to step into your Maven power, and what this really means to you.  These conversations will support your own awakening journey of self-discovery and living an empowered life.





MavenWoman Conversations are raw, open and vulnerable discussions between women, who share the transformative journeys they have each walked.

Every episode is filled with inspiring guidance that allows you to deepen your awareness of Self, and understand the call, that you may be experiencing in your heart and in your womb.

Join the growing community of women who are ready to release fear, transform their minds, crack open their hearts and answer the call to Maven.

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An introduction to MavenWoman and discussion around the rising of Maven Energy (MW#01)

Women (and some men) all around the planet are feeling the call to step into their Maven power, even thought they may not yet know what this means to them!  This episode discusses how MavenWoman came about, how we each felt the call to Maven in a different way, what Maven energy actually is and the key elements to MavenWoman.

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Diving into two of the key aspects of MavenWoman – the balance of masculine/feminine & the call out to land (MW#02)

What does the rising of feminine essence really mean for you? We discuss how we each perceive our feminine & masculine energies differently, and how balancing them is the way ahead.  We also open the conversation to the call out to land.  How we have both felt the need to connect more deeply to the Earth, and share our experiences through the sacred places we have travelled to.

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Opening up a conversation with Fiona Weatherhead & what bought her to MavenWoman (MW#03)

The journey to MavenWoman from Fiona’s perspective and how you may be experiencing something similar.  Her journey includes a discussion around the call that rises in women in their forties/fifties, what being clairsentient means, how your own awakening process can affect your relationship with your partner, working in the Akashic Records and the birth of Soul Awakening Sessions, teaching intuitive development, working in women’s circles and the journey out to land.

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Opening up a conversation with Deni Rayneau & her journey into MavenWoman (MW#04)

The journey to MavenWoman from Deni’s perspective and discovering what bought her to MavenWoman and how she experienced the rising of Maven energy.  During this conversation we discuss how a year of upheaval & change started Deni on her seeking path, her deep connection to her inner masculine& feminine aspects, exploring the depths of the Shadow Self, the birthing of Soulpaint & awakening your creativity, menopause as a single woman and tracing the Dragon Lines.

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A beautiful conversation with Jill Lacina, Qoya Teacher, about her journey into Maven (MW#05)

We explore the journey Jill has been on since the breakdown of her marriage, and the attempted suicide of her mother.  She takes us through her first natural connection to land, diving into the Hoffman Process, Rewilding & Experiential Astrology and what it has been like to work with John Wineland & Kendra Cunov.  We also discuss her recent journey out to land at the Warrumbungles.

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