A 90 Minute Session

During this hour and a half session you will receive deep understanding of Self, including your Soul gifts and the powerful driving forces that allow you to manifest abundance.  You will also discover the Soul challenges you personally face and how you can overcome them to create a more positive experience

Understanding of Past & Present Life Influences

The root cause of any energetic blocks you are currently experiencing will be uncovered with clarity and you will be shown why these blocks were created & how they are influencing you now & taking you out of alignment with your true Soul desires

Powerful Clearing Process

You will receive an empowering clearing process that allows you to remove the blocks and sense the shifts within, as you experience your own journey into self-empowerment.  This clearing meditation focuses on your own personal blocks and is unique to your experience.

Recorded Information

You will receive a recording of the session, comprehensive notes that support everything we discuss and a personalised, powerful clearing process that is unique to your specific needs.

This session is offered via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or Messenger and Fiona provides a relaxed & informal environment in which you will feel safe and supported


Investment for this extremely powerful session is $395.00.   Included in the cost of a Soul Awakening Session is a FREE follow up call, after your clearing process is completed, to ask any questions that may have surfaced


Seeking a way to transform your life and create authentic, long-lasting self-empowerment and happiness?

Struggling to find the root cause of the blocks that keep you in a pattern of lack and disempowerment?

Experiencing difficulty embodying self-love and self-acceptance, as you struggle with self-judgement & inner criticism?

Feeling a deep Soul need to share your gifts with others, but don’t fully understand them or know how to work with them?

Wishing to deepen your understanding of your personal Soul challenges and how to overcome them in an empowered way?

Interested in uncovering the past life experiences that are currently affecting your ability to manifest abundance and happiness into your life?

If you are interested in booking an Akashic Reading with Fiona, please fill out the form below to book in a free 15 minute telephone consultation to discuss your needs.

Soul Awakening Conversation